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  1. The Hobby: An Unexpected Journey
  2. The Hobby: The Desolation of my wallet
  3. The Hobby: There and Back Again
  4. The Fellowship of the Broken Wallets
  5. The Fellowship of the Broken wallets part II
  6. The two Titans: Sennheiser HD800 & Audeze LCD2
  7. The Return of The King: Audeze LCD-2
  8. Burson Conductor: Ambush of The Wallet
  9. The end of wallet: AKG K550, Creative Aurvana Live and FIIO E17
  10. InToxicated Mind: Headphones, USB & Power Cables and Conditioning
  11. Wrath of the Titans: Audeze LCD2 vs LCD3 & Burson Conductor vs M2Tech Vaughan
  12. From Hobby to Obsession and back to Hobby
  13. The ambush of the combos: AudioQuest Dragonfly vs FIIO E17 & Dragonfly with Burson Soloist, Dragonfly vs Conductors’ DAC
  14. The Ambush Continues: AKG K550 vs Sennheiser Momentum
  15. The Audiophile USB Cable Surprise: Wireworld Starlight Red vs Chord USB Silver Plus
  16. The Titans are Back: Sennheiser HD800 vs Audeze LCD2 & Burson Conductor
  17. A Nice Surprise: Focal Spirit One
  18. Martin Logan ElectroMotion ESL & Piega Premium 5.2
  19. Audiophile Power Cables Shootout
  20. Focal Spirit One vs Sennheiser Amperior
  21. Audeze LCD2 aftermarket cable: Toxic Silver Widow
  22. Sennheiser IE800, Sennheiser IE80, AudioTehnica ATH CKS 90 & Martin Logan Mikros 70 comparison
  23. The Amazing Sennheiser IE800
  24. The Spectacular Sennheiser HD800
  25. A Wonderful trip down memory lane
  26. Focal Spirit One Headphone Contest
  27. The Little Black Box: Arcam rPac
  28. The King of Musicality: Audeze LCD3
  29. Audiobyte Hydra: High-End USB Interface
  30. Naim DAC-V1 Review
  31. Bakoon HPA-21
  32. The Sexy Martin Logan Mikros 90
  33. The Extinct Denon D7000
  34. MSB Analog Dac – Review
  35. New Burson 1793 DAC PCB Review
  36. Power Inspired AG500 Power Regenerator Review
  37. Creek OBH-21 Review
  38. Simaudio Moon Evolution 650D – Review
  39. FiiO E12 Mont Blanc – Review
  40. FiiO X3 – Review
  41. Martin Logan Electromotion ESL – Review
  42. Chord Signature USB – Review
  43. Indiana Line Nota 250, Nota 550 – Review – More than meets the wallet
  44. Audeze LCD-X Review
  45. Audeze LCD-X vs Sennheiser HD800
  46. Audiophile and Proud
  47. Noisy USB Problem
  48. Toxic Cables Budget Silver
  49. Focal Spirit Classic & Spirit Professional – Review
  50. Simaudio Moon 300D V2
  51. Headphones and related gear buying guide
  52. What are DACS and their importance
  53. Why do I need a headphone amplifier ?
  54. Creek OBH-21 MK2 – Review
  55. Decware Taboo MK3 – Review
  56. Creative Aurvana Live 2 – Review
  57. Chord Hugo – Review
  58. Chordette Qute Ex Dac – Review
  59. FiiO X5 – Review
  60. Rockna – Wavedream DAC – Review
  61. Audiophilleo 1 with PurePower – Review
  62. Asus Xonar Essence STU – Review
  63. 1/8 Million Dollar Stereo Sound System
  64. Asus Xonar Essence One Muses Edition – Review
  65. Asus Xonar Essence III – Review
  66. Audiobyte Black Dragon – Review
  67. The most important part of any sound system: your ears and brain. Hearing explained
  68. Once upon a time in Romania
  69. Hearing Safety and Noise Induced Hearing Loss
  70. Aftermarket Cables for Sennheiser HD800
  71. Focal Spirit One S – Review
  72. Audio-gd Master 9 – Review