Canjam Europe 2015 Show Report – Part 3

You can read the first part of the Canjam Europe Show Report here, and the second part here.


Canjam Europe Lehmann Audio

This was another crowded stand where the people seemed to be enjoying themselves.  My friends that checked their new amplifier, the Linear D, stated that it was one of the best they have heard at the show and it seems that this was a general consensus.

This year, Lehmann audio Linear D which was presented in premier at Canjam Europe,  was voted to be the best amplifier at the show.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for their products from now on!

iFi Audio

Canjam Europe Show Report Ifi (2)

iFi Audio products were also present at Canjam Europe. Since I’ve managed to test some of there products I’ve always kept an eye out for them as they really offer very good quality for their prices!

You can read my full review of iDSD Micro here and for iTube here.

They also had their new speaker system which I would have loved to try but it was too loud for that. However I did forget that the amplifier had a headphone output which I was eager to test.

Well, if I ever get a chance, any iFi products would be welcomed for a review on HeadMania, that’s for sure!

Canjam Europe Show Report Ifi (1)


Canjam Europe Show Report - Radius Earphones

This is another company which surprised me with very good in ear headphones that come at very affordable prices. The photo above is with their new flagship which impressed me the most.

The sound was well extended in both ends with good details, soundstage, timbre, etc. It was surely a great bang for the buck!

Would love to spend more time with them and you should keep an eye out for these guys!


Canjam Europe Show Report - Audio Valve (1)

The first thing that drew me to this stand were the very eye catching designs and wonderful build qualities their products have. I just love their looks and it shows that they put lots of attention into their finish as well.

Canjam Europe Show Report - Audio Valve (2)

One great thing about this amplifier is that you can drive any type of headphones with it. Yes, you can also plug electrostats into it and it will work.

However, the sound from my perspective was kind of flat and lifeless with almost any headphone I’ve tried.

Mal Valve

Canjam Europe Mal Valve (2)

Mal valve presented some very interesting and versatile products as well. They also have units that could amplify both electrostats and normal headphones. And it managed to do a decent job even with the power hungry Hifiman HE-6.

I thought that this amplifier had overall a nice and romantic sound but also good transients with powerful attack. What I didn’t like about it was that the bass was kind of slow and too bloomy for my taste.

ALO Audio


Alo Audio was another attraction at Canjam which unfortunately I missed. Luckily, my friends did listen to Studio Six at the show and they really loved it, especially with HD800.

They said that it was one of the best pairings that they have heard and that it sounded real, detailed, very holographic, smooth but still transparent.

That certainly sounds awesome and I’m surely going to keep an eye open for their products from now on!

Final Audio


I’ve also had the chance to listen to some full sized headphones from final audio, the Sonorous IV and X.

The IV sounded quite nice and enjoyable and actually I wouldn’t mind to spend more time with it, but Sonorous X was kind of a disappointment.

When I heard what was its price tag, I expected much, much more than it managed to offer.


Canjam Europe Show Report Audioquest (2)

I love when more and more companies enter this market. Audioquest is another audio company that entered the headphone market with their first headphone model named Audioquest NightHawk.

The first thing I noticed was the nice finish and build quality but also that they are very very comfortable due to their patent pending suspension system.

These headphones are not neutral at all, but they have a nice color added to the sound signature which adds richness to the sound. They are not very precise or detailed, they miss some air on top and sometimes they could sound too heavy, but overall I liked them for their musical and rich sound signature which can make them easy to listen to but also enjoyable on many occasions.

Canjam Europe Show Report Audioquest (1)

Meier Audio

Canjam Europe Show Report - Meier Audio

Unfortunately I didn’t get to listen to any of his products this year. His table was always busy everytime I wanted to go to his stand. It seems people were quite attracted to his amplifiers.

Meier was always a great guy, and I do hope I get the chance to speak with him the next time. Actually, my first serious headphone amplifier was from Meier Audio and it was named Corda Cantate 2.

The last time I heard one of his amplifiers it sounded a little too digital, but maybe I’m used to the more natural sound of Class A amplifiers and my Master 9 spoiled me.

Well, one thing is for sure, his new amplifiers are on my to listen list!


Canjam Europe Show Report - Bryston

I was really looking forward to listen to Bryston products, especially their headphone amplifier, but I was disappointed to see that the stand didn’t have any serious headphones that would show  the full capabilities of this amplifier.

Audio Technica

Canjam Europe Show Report - Audio Technica

This was another very popular stand at Canjam Europe which I am sad that I missed. I’ve seen lots of interesting headphones there which I would have loved to listen to.


I was extremely curious with their new in ear flagship the SE-846 and I am happy to say that I satisfied my curiosity. I think these headphones are like the big brother of the older 535 but with considerably better bass, more details, better voices and a little more natural midrange in general. I found these headphones quite fun overall but let’s say a little overpriced.

The staff from Shure were very nice and helpful. It was a pleasure talking to them. This is one of the reasons why I actually forgot to take pictures from their wonderfully organised stand.


Canjam Europe Show Report AureaPerfect

This company makes custom jewelry for audiophiles (but not exclusively) and some of them looked quite interesting and original.


Canjam Europe Show Report Aurisonics

This is another brand that presented some interesting in ear headphones. I have tested their new series. I’ve enjoyed all of them, especially the hybrid dynamic/armature one which combined the best of both worlds.

What I found a little strange, was that their flagship model with the biggest number of drivers (4 armatures if I remember correctly), sounded a little muddier than the previous and cheaper model in the line with less drivers.


Canjam Europe Audiofly 0

Audiofly is another company that had interesting in ears and a very nice stand at Canjam. I am sorry I didn’t get to listen to any of their products.


The next pictures are with other stands I didn’t get the chance to visit:


Canjam Europe Show Report Teufel


Canjam Europe Pendulumic


I’ve had a lot of fun at Canjam Europe this year and I’ve also managed to satisfy a lot of my audiophile curiosities.

I must thank the organizers for the effort they put into the very good organisation of the show and for bringing so many passionate audiophiles together.


You can read the first part of the Canjam Europe Show Report here, and the second part here.