Toxic Cables: Rest in Peace, Frank…

As you may know, I had a few cables from Toxic Cables, myself. Really good craftsmanship & quality stuff. I don’t know Frank Donghi (from Toxic Cables) very well, but I did have the chance to chat with him for a few times and from our little interaction I think that he was a good man and a professional when it came to his business. Your orders might have been delayed sometimes, but he tried to set the expectations from the beginning and he never compromised on quality.

One month ago, Frank announced on Toxic Cable’s Facebook page that orders will be delayed, as his father has fallen ill:

Further to my previous post, i am sad to say my own elderly father has also now fallen critically ill, i have been looking after him at home and thus was unable to do much work as he required 24/7 care, he has since now been admitted to hospital today for what doctors say is for end of life care as they don’t expect him to survive much longer, but i do hope to bring him back home in the next few days, so he can be around his family hopefully much longer.

For this reason, i cannot say how much of a delay their might be with orders, although i am still making cables every chance i get, so anyone who wishes to instead opt for a refund, please email me with the email subject as REFUND.

For those, who wish to wait, i will run a random draw for a free cable for all those effected, i have roughly enough wire to make 50 or our limited edition cables, i had planned to give away 15, but will now give away more then half of them. Have attached a picture of one i partly made just so i can show you all, These are the Black Widow 22 and Silver Widow 22 in limited green colour that will not be done again.

This morning, while casually reading the Facebook page on my way to work I see this :

This is Max

Unfortunately I have some bad news as you knows Franks dad was unwell and passed away recently and on receiving the news Frank had a stroke which he did not survive.We will all miss him greatly.

Unfortunately there are a lot of pending orders which cannot be completed at this time as I will be away now till early next year when Toxic Cables will continue business as I did make most of the cables myself so you can expect the same quality.

In the meantime as we are unable to access paypal to refund everyone can you please open as case to get your money back if you have not received your order and paypal will refund you as orders not shipped did not have tracking added to paypal.

Everyone’s funds will be still in the account as I know Frank only removed funds for cables that were completed.

If you have any questions please message here and I will reply at earliest convenience.

I don’t have password to email currently so don’t email.

Thank you

This was not easy to take in… Rest in peace, Frank! Condolences to Frank’s close ones.

Not sure if it’s the case, but this sad situation makes me think of Broken Heart Syndrome:

The condition got the nickname “broken heart syndrome,” however, when researchers began to notice that often an emotional or mental stressor, such as a loss of a loved one or a divorce, had preceded the symptoms.

For people with active orders, you should contact Max on Toxic Cable’s Facebook page.