SoundMagic HP200 Headphones – Review

I’m really happy I got to hear these headphones as they kind of took me by surprise. I can tell you that the don’t get the attention they  deserve. Build Quality & Looks… Continue reading

Tellurium Q Ultra Black Speaker Cable & Black Diamond Interconnects – Review

I don’t usually write reviews about cables unless I find something that impresses me. Also, the subject of cables is quite heated and full of contradictions among audiophiles. I’ve often read comments that were… Continue reading

iFi micro IUSB3.0 – Review

In the last years I’ve been using different tweaks for the usb input that considerably improved my listening experience. The first thing that I noticed was that the 5v USB power matters a… Continue reading

Sennheiser HD800S – Review

I’ve had HD800 for more than 2 years now and I can safely say that I love those headphones, which are quite a marvel from a technical perspective and they’ve been released in 2009,… Continue reading

Audeze LCD-4 vs LCD-3, HD800 & HD800s

This page is dedicated just to comparisons between LCD-4 and HD800, HD800s and LCD-3. If you want to go back to the review about LCD-4 click here. As specified in the LCD-4 review, the tests were… Continue reading

Audeze LCD-4 – Review

At last, the day has come! Audeze has released a new flagship. After owning and hearing both LCD-3 and LCD-X, I was really curious and anxious regarding to what this company will provide… Continue reading

Focal Electra 1028BE Floorstanding Speakers – Review

After hearing and reviewing the Focal Diablo Utopia, I was quite curios to take the Electra series for a spin and here we are. After hearing a pair of Electra 1028BE, I couldn’t… Continue reading

FiiO X7 – Review

FiiO always amazed with their products and the quality they were capable of in their price range, so I was very anxious to hear their new flagship since the day I’ve first heard… Continue reading

HeadMania Forum

First, I want to wish everyone a happy new year, full of joys and accomplishments! I must apologize for my lack of writing in the last few weeks. As some of you might… Continue reading

Ultimate Sound 3Driver Custom In Ear Monitor – US3D Review

As I’ve  been telling before, I was aiming for this review for a while now. One year ago I found out about a very interesting Romanian company here in Bucharest named Ultimate Sound… Continue reading

Focal Diablo Utopia Speakers – Review

  I’ve had many occasions to listen to Focal Speakers and I actually owned a pair of Aria 906 BookShelves for a while. I really liked them and I think they offer great performance for… Continue reading

Volent Audio Custom LPS for MSB DACs

A fellow headfier informed me of a company that is known to produce some very good custom linear power supplies for the MSB Dacs. After some initial research on the matter I found… Continue reading

MSB Analog DAC – Quad USB Input – Review

I’ve been meaning to write this review for a while now and I’ve finally found some time to do so.  Some time ago I managed to get my hands on a MSB Analog Dac… Continue reading

Meze 99 Classics Headphones – Review

Recently I was  pleasantly surprised to find out that a new full sized closed, over the ears headphones was released on the market, the Meze 99 Classics. The real surprise was to find… Continue reading

Canjam Europe 2015 Show Report – Part 3

You can read the first part of the Canjam Europe Show Report here, and the second part here. LehmannAudio This was another crowded stand where the people seemed to be enjoying themselves.  My friends that… Continue reading

Canjam Europe 2015 Show Report – Part 2

You can read the first part of the Canjam Europe Show Report here, where you can find all the details and the introduction. HiFiMAN Hifiman was also present at Canjam and I’ve enjoyed… Continue reading

Canjam Europe 2015 Show Report – Part 1

Canjam Europe has been held in Essen Germany every year since 2013. I am happy to report that this year I finally had the time to attend this already renowned show. The exact… Continue reading

Schiit Yggdrasil DAC – Review

Schiit! I finally have one on my desk! I’ve been waiting for this moment for months now. Reading all about this DAC on headfi and changstar got me extremely excited about it, especially… Continue reading

Xindak A600E 09 Version – Integrated Speaker Amplifier Review

After a good friend of mine highly recommended this amplifier and I hunted it for a while now, I finally managed to put my hands on this beast. There is one thing I have… Continue reading

Sugden Masterclass IA-4 Integrated Speaker Amplifier – Review

As you may  remember, Piega 5.2 are quite pretentious when it comes to the amplification. Knowing that I am a big fan of good Class A amplifiers,, gave me a Masterclass IA-4… Continue reading

Theta DSPro Basic – Oldie but Goldie DAC

I’ve been following a lot of discussions on headfi that lead me to a very old DAC, the Theta DsPro Gen V, which really got my attention, as lots of people thought it… Continue reading

Oppo PM-2 Headphones – Review

As I told you years ago, the headphone industry is growing every day. People and companies became aware of the potential of this market and many important names started to look its way.… Continue reading

Oppo HA-1 DAC / Headphone Amplifier Review

As I told you years ago, the headphone industry is growing every day. People and companies became aware of the potential of this market and many important names started to look its way.… Continue reading

FiiO X3 II – Review

I’ve been expecting the updated version of X3 for a while now. Since I’ve reviewed FiiO X1 and liked it more than X3, I was already sure that the latter will be replaced by… Continue reading

Audiobyte Hydra-Z – Review

A few years ago I was surprised to see how much an usb interface can improve the sound quality of your DAC.  Audiobyte Hydra-X was the first product to show me that. Besides the… Continue reading

Piega Premium 5.2 Speakers – Review

I was really marked by the sound of Piega Premium 3 and you can read all about it right here. From that point on, I was dying to hear the upper model, the… Continue reading

Indiana Line Puro 800 Integrated Speaker Amplifier – Review

Indiana Line is an Italian company that really caught my attention with their Nota 250 bookshelves, which I found to sound way beyond their price. Considering that Nota is one of their entry level… Continue reading

iFi micro iTube – Review

After hearing and reviewing the iFi iDSD, I was please to see that avstore became distributor of iFi products. To be sincere, I didn’t even know of iFi iTube, but a friend of… Continue reading

Focal Aria 906 Speakers – Review

I’ve been enjoying these speakers for quite a while now, as I owned them for a few months already.  They are actually my first speakers and I’ve been waiting to get into this… Continue reading

Piega Premium 3 Speakers – Review

I’ve been meaning to write a review about Piega for a while now. During the last 2 years I had the chance to listen to some of their speakers and every time I’ve… Continue reading

Simaudio Moon 430HA Headphone Amplifier – Review

I have been watching this amplifier for a while now and I was really curious on how it will perform. Moon  impressed me with some of their products over the years and the… Continue reading

Let’s help a friend in need

This post is not a review and it has the purpose of helping a company that I hold dear very much. I am talking about Audeze. I will take advantage of this opportunity to thank… Continue reading

Shure 535 LTD – Review

I had to go to Boston, Massachusetts a few months ago with some work related stuff. After the first day in Boston, I started thinking that a pair of in ear headphones wouldn’t… Continue reading

FiiO E12A – Review

Since the first time I’ve heard FiiO X5 I became one of its fans and I do own one for myself now. I’m enjoying it almost everyday at work and in vacations. A few weeks… Continue reading

Fostex TH-900 – Review

I’ve listened to Denon D7000 a while ago and I considered them to be very good closed headphones. They were a little overpriced but they were fun and quite enjoyable. Well, Denon 7000,… Continue reading

iFi iDSD Micro – Review

I was made aware of Micro – iDSD by a friend of mine a few months ago near it’s release date. Looking at the specs I was really impressed. Before getting into details… Continue reading