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I have been passionate about audio for many years, and in 2012, I began writing about it with the intention of sharing my love for high-quality audio gear and making this hobby more… Continue reading

USB Convertors – Singxer SU-6 & Denafrips Gaia

Dealing with USB issues is something I’ve encountered before with some DACs. Fortunately, the updated USB input on the MSB Analog DAC was a standout, featuring galvanic isolation and delivering a clean, high-quality… Continue reading

Yamaha YH-E700A & YH-L700A Headphones Review

So here we are, back again to explore the world of audio gear. Although my time has been limited due to the demands of family and work, my passion for high-quality audio remains… Continue reading

Meze Elite Headphones Review

Sometimes, from time to time, a product awakens my need to come back to this dusty website to share my impressions of it. Do you know the feeling when you are experiencing something… Continue reading

Rockna Wavelight DAC – Review

As you may have seen, my time has been limited lately and I didn’t manage to write any more reviews. However, it is time for me to make an exception for something that… Continue reading

Audiobyte HydraVox DAC – Review

I have discovered Audiobyte a long time ago, in 2013. I actually had the pleasure of meeting Nucu Jitariu the founder of both Audiobyte and Rockna, which the big brother of the later.… Continue reading

Benchmark HPA-4 – Headphone Amplifier/Pre – Review

It’s been a while since I managed to get some time to write on HeadMania, as it gets harder and harder to find time between work and family these days. It’s also been… Continue reading

Brainwavz B400 – In Ear Headphones – Review

If you have read my review of FiiO FH-5, those headphones got me excited about in ears in general. Since then I have actually bought a pair of JH13-V2Pro, but more about that… Continue reading

Burson Bang Basic – Stereo Speaker Amplifier – Review

If you read some of my early stories on how I got into this hobby, you may already know that Burson was an important brick in the foundation of my journey.  My first… Continue reading

Chord Hugo2 – Portable DAC/Headphone Amplifier – Review

If you have read my reviews on Chord products, you already know that I was really impressed by their evolution and their performance. When Chord Hugo was released, I was impressed by the… Continue reading

FiiO FH5 In Ear Headphones – Review

It has been a while since I’ve listened to products from FiiO. Usually they have managed to impress me with the quality of their products, especially in that price range. Now that I… Continue reading

Martin Logan ESL-11A Impression Review

I remember a few years back, when I was convinced that I am a headphone only guy and that I prefer headphones to speakers. At that time, I had my headphone setup in… Continue reading

Toxic Cables: Rest in Peace, Frank…

As you may know, I had a few cables from Toxic Cables, myself. Really good craftsmanship & quality stuff. I don’t know Frank Donghi (from Toxic Cables) very well, but I did have… Continue reading

RaimondAudio DM-120S – Power Amplifier – Review

A few months back, I had the pleasure of testing an amplifier that is produced locally by RaimondAudio. By the way, the website is not up to date, so for questions please shoot… Continue reading

Burson Audio Cable Plus Pro – Review

If you are into this hobby for a few years now, I am sure that you have heard about equipment matching on lots of occasions. Between dacs and amps, between amps and speakers,… Continue reading

Electrocompaniet ECI-6 Integrated Speaker Amplifier – Review

I didn’t know much about Electrocompaniet until recently when Razvan from AVMall told me it’s one of his favorite Brands. He was actually very excited that he managed to bring Electrocompaniet in Romania… Continue reading

Martin Logan Unison – Review

Having a dedicated listening room led me to buying a separate sound system for the living room for the TV. I just couldn’t enjoy the speakers embedded in the TV.  Actually, at one… Continue reading

Plixir Elite BAC 1500 – Power Conditioner Review

First, I am sorry for the long absence. I have not abandoned HeadMania and I thank all the readers who are still here with me. A few months ago, I have posted a… Continue reading

Audio GD Master 10 – Speaker Amplifier Review

First, I want to apologize for the long period of absence I have taken from HeadMania and to thank the readers who did not abandon it. I had a very busy period at… Continue reading

Syllable D900 – Review

In a world where high end headphones seems to evolve the wrong way, meaning that almost every big headphone manufacturer started doubling the price with every new model, I figured I go in… Continue reading

Xiaomi MI Pro HD In-Ear Headphones Review

General Presentation and Specs The packaging and unboxing is quite nice and gives you the impression that you bought a more expensive product. Even the eardbuds are made of metal (Zircon to be… Continue reading

Superlux HD-681 Review

I’ve heard a lot of good things about these headphones throughout the ears and they’ve managed to capture my attention, so here we are. Looks & Build Quality  For their price these headphones are… Continue reading

New Naim Uniti Line, rebuilt from scratch

I’ve recently participated to a very interesting event held at Jack-Fi (AudioConcept) where I’ve met Mark, the Export Sales Executive from Naim. Mark presented the entire line of all in one streaming from Naim. I… Continue reading

Trip to Vatopedi Monastery in Athos Mountain

This is not a review. I just want to tell you the story of a very dear memory of mine. Bare with me, as it has a connection to sound, even if it may… Continue reading

Raimond Audio – Audiophile Starter Power Amplifier – Review

A few months ago, the guys  from jack-fi.ro  introduced me to a small amplifier made locally by Raimond Audio . They insisted I try it with my Martin Logan Ethos speakers. I was a little skeptical,… Continue reading

Piega Coax 30.2 – Review

I am really happy that I finally have a chance to review these speakers, as they represent one of products that marked my audiophile journey. I have heard them in lots of systems… Continue reading

Fiil Diva Pro Headphones Review

I love that the headphone market is starting to get the attention it deserves. I see new companies that get into the game quite often in the last period. Actually, the headphone in… Continue reading

Elephone ELE Whisper In Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones – Review

Ok, I must admit that the Ele Whisper took me by surprise and while I don’t like to judge a product by the price, well… I must admit that my initial expectations of these… Continue reading

AudioQuest NightHawk Headphones – Review

These headphones managed to get my attention since Canjam 2015 in Essen. While I didn’t quite managed to get how it sounded at the show, due to insufficient time, these headphones had something… Continue reading

Audioquest Dragonfly Red – Review

When I’ve seen the first Dragonfly originally released in 2012, I was like “What is it with this little USB drive?” I was really skeptical it can sound good, only to be astonished… Continue reading

Macaw T1000 Bluetooth Sports Earbuds – Review

This is the first product I am reviewing which is not in the audiophile / enthusiasts category, so this is a sort of a challenge for me. Presentation First, these headphones are not… Continue reading

iFi Pro iCan – Headphone Amplifier Review

Since hearing the first products from iFi, I’ve been watching this company, because I think it really deserves our attention. It has some lovely products out there and I am sure iFi has… Continue reading

Chord Mojo – Review

Some of you may have read my review of Hugo. I was really impressed by that product and what Chord managed to do, not to mention in what size. It’s been a while… Continue reading

Aune B1 Class A Portable Headphone Amplifier

This good looking amplifier managed to catch my attention at Canjam this year through its build quality, looks and of course its sound. I have managed to get a review unit with the… Continue reading