My name is Dan Gheorghe.  I used to be a Software Engineer. Now I help run a Product Dev Center.


I am also a Phd. student and a teaching assistant at Politehnica University of Bucharest . (drop out now :)) )

I think that we are visual “animals”, so we appreciate high quality video/images more. This is why some times the hearing / audio and some of the hobbies related to it are treated with less importance.

My mission is to make people appreciate and understand this hobby better.

I want to share the joy that this hobby brought me, highlight the strong points of good headphones and related audio gear and why they should give them a chance!

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And a guide of how to get into this hobby and what to look for:


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This blog will be about my journey into one of my dearest hobbies. Few years ago I became a headphone & related gear enthusiast.

Everything started when I bought my first pair of headphones, the Sennheiser HD595, because they did not have the HD555 in stock and I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I love listening to music, discovering different nuances and presentations from different headphones and related gear that make you rediscover your music every time,  also like discussing all of the above with my audiophile friends, reading reviews and other opinions on different related gear and contribute to the community.

Something I learned about this hobby, these years, is that it can get very subjective. Every person may perceive the sound from a headphone/dac/amp/etc in a different way. This is why it is very important to listen for yourself before buying something.

You can also find the story on headfi.

The first posts contain the story of how I got into this hobby.


  1. The Hobby: An Unexpected Journey
  2. The Hobby: The Desolation of my wallet
  3. The Hobby: There and Back Again
  4. The Fellowship of the Broken Wallets
  5. The Fellowship of the Broken wallets part II
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  12. From Hobby to Obsession and back to Hobby
  13. The ambush of the combos: AudioQuest Dragonfly vs FIIO E17 & Dragonfly with Burson Soloist, Dragonfly vs Conductors’ DAC
  14. The Ambush Continues: AKG K550 vs Sennheiser Momentum
  15. The Audiophile USB Cable Surprise: Wireworld Starlight Red vs Chord USB Silver Plus
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