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Burson Audio Cable Plus Pro – Review

If you are into this hobby for a few years now, I am sure that you have heard about equipment matching on lots of occasions. Between dacs and amps, between amps and speakers,… Continue reading

Tellurium Q Ultra Black Speaker Cable & Black Diamond Interconnects – Review

I don’t usually write reviews about cables unless I find something that impresses me. Also, the subject of cables is quite heated and full of contradictions among audiophiles. I’ve often read comments that were… Continue reading

Chord Signature USB – Review

Hey guys, As you may know I am a fan of the Chord Silver Plus Usb cable.  I remained with it since that review because I like very much the energy it gives… Continue reading

Audiophile Power Cables Shootout

Hello guys,  As you may remember, I recently found a nice USB Cable from Chord. I have noticed that they also make power cables and that Jack-Fi had them. Considering the mysterious  improvements brought by the usb… Continue reading