The two Titans: Sennheiser HD800 & Audeze LCD2

Hey guys. I’m back to continue with the journey. Well, after the purchase of the power conditioner and the cables, all was going smoothly in my sound system. I really loved the combination of HD650 (with zu mobius cable) + Burson HA-160ds +power conditioner. The ha-160ds gave speed  to hd650 making it more alive and enjoyable with all music genres.  As I told you in the last post, I had the chance to listen to some other headphones at the audiophile meeting Avstore hosted. I was not impressed with any of them. Even if in some aspects were better than hd650 the overall presentation of hd650 impressed me more. Of course I wanted an upgrade but did not know what to buy. I was thinking of HD800 and keeping the hd650.

One day while speaking with Sandu, of course, he said he loves his new headphones, Audeze Lcd2, more than anything he had.

Actually here is his review. I was intrigued by what he said and what he wrote there. He invited me at his place to listen to his new toy. Well… I can say I liked it very much, but did not realize just yet what I had on my head. You cannot make a good impression of a new headphone in 10 minutes. He also had the hd800 near the lcd2. I tried them both, but the changing between them was very strange, as the sound signature is extremely different. Hd800 is very airy, with a huge soundstage , while lcd2 has a meaty sound with a more intimate soundstage. I liked the lcd2 more than hd800. The sound seemed more natural, more organic, and hd800 seemed to bright for my sensible ears.

Ah and the bass on lcd2 was fabulous compared to hd800. However I couldn’t get a good grip about both headphones. Sandu asked me of my impressions. I told him something similar to what I wrote here, and he told me that he wants to loan me the lcd2 for a week and then the hd800 for a week to get a better grip on both headphones and decide which of those will be my “future”.

I was shocked and a little scared at the same time.

Amazed face

To borrow something as such great value brings a lot of responsibility. I could not refuse the offer though, so I went home with the LCD2.

I made myself comfortable, took a glass of red wine, shut off the lights and started listening. Well… i was amazed… I was stuck on the chair…These headphones rocked my world. I did not recognize some of my songs, as they were completely different on lcd2 than on hd650 (for example nightwish sounded completely different). I rediscovered all my songs. I was amazed. The bass was fantastic: the slam, the quality, the extension the depth, etc…

The details were much better, the soundstage wider and more natural than hd650 . The mids were just incredible. The sound was so lush and warm. Well….while listening to music the time passed away in a fast manner and the time became 3:00am. I couldn’t get off the chair, I wanted to listen to more music. I fell asleep with the headphones on, while listening to music.

After a week I had to give them back. It was not easy, i tell ya…not easy.. :))

I will tell you more of lcd2 further in the story, in a future post.

In that week, never once have I felt the need to listen to my hd650. Lcd2 was exactly what I was looking for, it was like a HD650 on steroids, bettering it in every way possible.

When I put the hd650 back on the head, I felt like it was a toy compared to the lcd2.

The next week Sandu gave me his HD800.

The first moment I put them and listened quietly at my home, I felt the high tech in it. It was so fast…so precise. I felt my ears waving from the air displaced by the so fast drivers.

The level of details were amazing and the soundstage was incredible. The problem was that after one hour or so, my ears started to get tired. The sound was to bright for me, I couldn’t listen to all music genres on them, and suddenly I reached for my hd650.

The somehow lacked feeling and passion.

I did not find the hd800 and burson ha-160ds combo to be a good pair at all.

One night I watched one episode of Game of Thrones with the hd800. I heard all the leaves the horses stepped on with those headphones.  Both headphones are great for movies.

However, the battle in this case, with my amplifier and due to my subjective tastes was easily won by lcd2.

Lcd2 seemed more natural to my ears, you could have long listening sessions without hurting your ears, ah..and that bass…..the mids…

Unfortunately or fortunately… all my money were going in the wedding preparations, so I couldn’t buy any lcd2 or hd800, but the good part is that I knew what I wanted. Now my future upgrade had a name, Audeze LCD2.


I have returned on this subject but with a better amp/source.

Here are my new feelings on the matter.