Focal Spirit One Headphone Contest!

Hey guys,

The contest is now closed. The winner that was selected randomly from the comments bellow, is valibanu, the 9th contestant that wrote here ( picked with ) .

Thank you all for participating and reading/writing on my blog.

Don’t worry, I may start another contest soon 🙂 .

Contest Winner

As I promised a few days ago I am organizing a contest that holds the wonderful Focal Spirit One as prize.

Read more about them here. You can also find them on .

I really love these headphones. Until now they are my favorite portable headphones and this even extends to “my favorite closed headphones“! I just love their full, articulate, fast and engaging sound.

Focal Spirit One

The sponsor of the contest is jack-fi  (audioconcept), and I thank them for their generosity and kindness. I spent a lot of time on their premises lately.  Every time I go there for auditions, I learn new stuff and, unfortunately, end up craving for something new.  I really think it is heck of a store and  it has a great staff. Each and every one is a passionate audiophile.

If you live in Bucharest or you are just passing through, remember that you can always go to Jack-fi and hear their best systems from their 4 wonderful audition rooms.

To enter the contest you have to:

1. Like the HeadMania & AudioConcept(Jack-fi) facebook pages  and  and share this contest page with the title “Focal Spirit One HeadMania Headphones Contest!” or just share the contest post from the HeadMania facebook page.

2. Read the following posts : 7, 17, 24, 25 (you can find the associated posts to the numbers in the contents section ) and find the words that don’t fit the context. Send me an email with the resulting sentence at  with the subject “HeadMania Spirit One Contest”.  Don’t share the resulting sentence publicly or you will be disqualified.

3. Write a brief story, as a comment to this post about how you got into this hobby and how you explain/justify your upgrades to your wife/girlfriend/partner. I think this would benefit/inspire all of us for future purchases 😀

To be noted:

  • The contest is available for any country fedex and dhl can ship to.
  • The shipping expenses will be covered by the winner. 
  • The winner will be selected randomly from the ones that followed the rules above
  • The winner will be announced after  3rd of June

These said, I wish all of you good luck and enjoy the reading.