iFi micro IUSB3.0 – Review

In the last years I’ve been using different tweaks for the usb input that considerably improved my listening experience. The first thing that I noticed was that the 5v USB power matters a lot.

You can read all about that here.

After that I combined the solution above with other USB regenerators including Schiit Wyrd which I ended up using for a while in my system as it improved the sound once again.

iFi managed to capture my attention with its latest product in this area, the micro iUSB 3.0and I am happy to say that I managed to get my hands on a test unit which I’ve been testing in my system for over a month now.

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Specifications and Technology

I was overwhelmed  when I checked the product page on the  iFi Audio website. This product seems to have a lot of features and technology packed inside and some of it sounds pretty impressive!

You can find all the details on the product page mentioned above. I will specify some of them right here.

Total USB Solution+® banishes ALL USB audio gremlins

The micro iUSB3.0 addresses all 8 significant USB audio gremlins that lead to poor

quality computer audio in one fell swoop:

• Corrects signal balance

• Suppresses frame noise

• Suppresses packet noise

• Ultra clean power

• Eliminates ground noise

• Corrects impedance mis-match

• Eliminates USB Jitter

• Restores signal integrity

All-new, tack sharp technology


The noise floor of the micro iUSB3.0 has been improved upon and is an astonishing 0.1uV (or 0.0000001V). This is at the edge of what is measurable – even the mighty Audio Precision only just about manages to measure the micro iUSB3.0.


Active Noise Cancellation +® drawn from military radar technology


Drawing from the military field (specifically the Thales Spectra radar cancellation system deployed in the French Dassault Rafale jet fighter), iFi adapted this technology to exclusively introduce the Active Noise Cancellation+ ® (ANC+®) audio power system. It is so revolutionary that the ANC technology is now a cornerstone of the ever-improving iFi USB audio technology range.

An air defence radar is transmitting at a certain frequency; the signal is bouncing off the aircraft; a receiver on board the aircraft picks up the signal and a computer analyses its base frequency/modulations and an identical, out-of-phase signal is generated by an onboard system to cancel out the enemy radar signal.

By generating a signal identical to the noise signal but in the exact opposite phase, it actively cancels all the incoming noise. ANC+® is the perfect ‘antidote’ for power supply noise, the bane of USB audio.


With ANC+® the power line is filtered for audio band and RF noise. The measured noise floor of 0.1uV (0.0000001V) is at the measurement limit of what even the most sophisticated Audio Precision equipment is capable of.

Measured noise drops by 100 times or 40dB in comparison to the common noise filters.

Sonically, the background and inner resolution to recordings is brought to the fore and no longer hidden. Sonics are much smoother, just like how good analogue should be. Nothing comes close.

A whole new signal: REclock® /REgenerate


The micro iUSB 3.0 re-clocks/re-generates/repeats USB audio datastream. For any and every downstream DAC, REgenerate creates an all new USB signal and then employed a precision master clock with the REclock® technology to completely eliminate computer jitter. Music flows better; is cleaner, deeper and more accurate, just like the real thing.

The signal is now balanced: REbalance®

USB signal is inherently a balanced signal, however most USB signals are unbalanced to some degree and contaminated by noise. By removing the DC offset and ‘re-balancing’ the USB audio signal, it is now perfectly balanced and noise-free.

Computer Audio ‘IsoGround®’ and ‘On/Auto’

The ground connection on the computer is contaminated with noise. The original micro iUSB cleverly solved this issue with IsoGround® without falling foul of the USB standard (simply breaking the computer ground connection is NOT USB compliant and often results in USB connection problems). The new micro iUSB3.0 features not only this but also ‘Auto/On’ USB power line options to further enhance the user experience.

So, as you can see, iFi iUSB3.0 is quite amazing on paper, so let’s see what it actually does to the sound.

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Listening Impressions

The tests were performed with   MSB Analog DAC  with Quad USB + custom lps ,  Audio Gd Master 9,Audeze LCD-4, Sennheiser HD800, Audio GD Master 10, Martin Logan Theos speakers

Vivaldi – Autumn – Allegro (La Caccia)

The difference between the direct usb and with iUSB3.0 was very apparent. With iFi the stage and  all the sound decompressed, becoming more natural, immersive and detailed in the same time. The attack on every chord was more apparent but also followed by a more detailed, more complete and natural decay.

Pink Martini – Donde Estas Yolanda

The stage became more holographic with iFi and all the instruments had more space between them and were also easier to pinpoint in the scene. The voices were smoother, cleaner and more transparent with iFi.

John Martyn – The Easy Blues

The plucks of the guitars became more apparent with iFi because of a swifter and more energetic attack, but also because of the detail of the extension of the chords. The details are more apparent all together. When the artists breathed or catched up with his breath is considerably more apparent with iFi than without it. The voice is decompressed and has a better presence in the scene with iUSB 3.0. It also flows with better musicality and transparency.

Infected Mushroom – Mambacore

Oh yeah, this bass is just amazing with iFi iusb 3.0.  It goes deep, has incredible control, speed and punch. What I also love about this song with iFi is that even though it improved the punch, energy and speed of the whole song it also took away from the digital harshness and removed the 2d flatness the direct usb has, transforming it in a 3d experience.

Lord of the Dance

All the instruments became more lifelike with iUSB3.0 showing better textures, less digital glare and details. The flute flowed with better musicality and texture and when the taps begun it was like I was there, in front of the scene, showing excellent clarity on the leading edges and a very fast and energetic sound.


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The bass with iFi gains more speed, detailed extension and control, but also a very powerful punch and slam. I just can’t get enough of it!


The midrange becomes more natural and detailed but also more transparent and clean. Everything from instrument and voice sounds more lively and natural.


This is another area where iFi shows a  very good improvement, as it manages to take away the glare, digital harshness from this area, leaving it crystal clear, smooth but very detailed and extended.


The voices become more present in the scene, cleaner, smoother and more natural. It’s like they decompress into a more lifelike experience.


Leaving the whole sound cleaner and taking the digital glare/harshness away also had a major effect into the details department, meaning that I’ve noticed things in the songs that were missing or weren’t catching my attention without iFi.

Soundstage & Instrument Separation

The sound without iFi seems 2d and flat now. iUSB3.0  offers a considerably more holographic, immersive and bigger soundstage. There are more layers of music and every instrument is better positioned in the scene.


The transients are also improved with iFi iUSB3.0. The attack becomes more powerful and the decay gains in detail & extension but still offering a very fast transient response overall. The leading edges are clearer and and the overall sound becomes more energetic and fun.


The sound becomes more clear with iFi iUSB3.0 and this is quite apparent as it’s like taking a veil off the music.

Natural Tonality

Another very important aspect gained with iUSB3.0  is the natural tonality, as it manages to take away the digital glare/harshness that the direct usb output from your computer usually offers.

Very small comparison to Schiit Wyrd

Wyrd is a little more organic with fuller voices while iUSB3.0 wins in terms of details, speed, clarity and leading edges. The treble on iFi is more detailed and extended with more sparkle but without being harsher.

While Wyrd is a good product, especially for the price, but iUSB3.0 is in another league.

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I’ve been using the iFi iUSB3.0 in my system for more than a month now and I’ve grown very accustomed to it. Now making the switch to the direct usb output from my computer made me realize I was taking all the improvements for granted lately. Not sure how I can go back to the normal USB output right now. Well, these improvements don’t come cheap, but they are very apparent.

Depending on your usb output, iFi iUSB3.0 might be a great addition to your sound system. I can surely tell you that it made a big difference in mine.

iFi iUSB3.0 is the best USB regenerator I have ever tested.


  • Better bass speed, control , detail on extension and punch
  • More natural and cleaner midrange with better textures and details
  • Smoother, more natural, crystal clear treble but also very detailed and extended
  • More details across the whole spectrum
  • Bigger, more holographic soundstage
  • Fast, more energetic transients with stronger attack and more detailed decay
  • More natural sound, taking away digital harshness/glare
  • More natural, present, smoother and cleaner voices


  • Quite expensive