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2023 Munchen High-End Audio Show

It is with great delight that I share with you my long-awaited journey to the renowned audio show in Munich. This extraordinary spectacle has been calling my name for the past decade, but,… Continue reading

Toxic Cables: Rest in Peace, Frank…

As you may know, I had a few cables from Toxic Cables, myself. Really good craftsmanship & quality stuff. I don’t know Frank Donghi (from Toxic Cables) very well, but I did have… Continue reading

Martin Logan Unison – Review

Having a dedicated listening room led me to buying a separate sound system for the living room for the TV. I just couldn’t enjoy the speakers embedded in the TV.  Actually, at one… Continue reading

Trip to Vatopedi Monastery in Athos Mountain

This is not a review. I just want to tell you the story of a very dear memory of mine. Bare with me, as it has a connection to sound, even if it may… Continue reading

iFi micro IUSB3.0 – Review

In the last years I’ve been using different tweaks for the usb input that considerably improved my listening experience. The first thing that I noticed was that the 5v USB power matters a… Continue reading

HeadMania Forum

First, I want to wish everyone a happy new year, full of joys and accomplishments! I must apologize for my lack of writing in the last few weeks. As some of you might… Continue reading

Canjam Europe 2015 Show Report – Part 3

You can read the first part of the Canjam Europe Show Report here, and the second part here. LehmannAudio This was another crowded stand where the people seemed to be enjoying themselves.  My friends that… Continue reading

Canjam Europe 2015 Show Report – Part 2

You can read the first part of the Canjam Europe Show Report here, where you can find all the details and the introduction. HiFiMAN Hifiman was also present at Canjam and I’ve enjoyed… Continue reading

Canjam Europe 2015 Show Report – Part 1

Canjam Europe has been held in Essen Germany every year since 2013. I am happy to report that this year I finally had the time to attend this already renowned show. The exact… Continue reading

iFi micro iTube – Review

After hearing and reviewing the iFi iDSD, I was please to see that avstore became distributor of iFi products. To be sincere, I didn’t even know of iFi iTube, but a friend of… Continue reading

Once upon a time in Romania

In this hobby we talk a lot about the importance of power in audio systems, from power cables to power conditioning, power cables, power regenerators, power sources, transformers, etc. I’ve even seen transformers… Continue reading

Why do I need a headphone amplifier ?

More than 5 years ago, I was very surprised and a little amused when I have been informed that headphones need amplifiers to sound at full capacity.  With experience I have realized that… Continue reading

What are DACS and their importance

Hello everybody, I have been hearing a lot of people saying that they don’t believe in DACS or that they don’t make a difference. Well, I remember when a few years ago I… Continue reading

Headphones and related gear buyer’s guide

Hello everybody, I have been contemplating for some time now on writing a small guide on how to get into this hobby or what headphones and related gear to buy. Before reading this… Continue reading

Audiophile and Proud

  In the past years I have noticed a negative trend towards our wonderful hobby. I have been hearing a lot of people saying something like “no, you don’t understand, I am not… Continue reading