Xiaomi MI Pro HD In-Ear Headphones Review

General Presentation and Specs

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The packaging and unboxing is quite nice and gives you the impression that you bought a more expensive product. Even the eardbuds are made of metal (Zircon to be more exact), not cheap plastic. They also come with a small carrying pouch.

The presentation of these headphones on the manufacturer’s website is quite impressive and in Audiophile world you would pay big bucks for a product like that.

Let’s go through some interesting features the Xiamon MI Pro HD have.

Dual dynamic + balanced armature drivers

The all-new Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD comes with a hybrid dual-dynamic and balanced armature drivers. The dual-dynamic driver keeps the bass and mid tones mellow, and is made with graphene material that pumps out sounds with fuller and richer details. The balanced armature driver retains the rich details of the high notes for the main melody, so you get to experience tri-band equalization effect. Now it feels almost like you’re close to nature, with the all-new Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD.

Tri-band equalization, sounds so beautiful and natural

To achieve a balance in the bass, mid, and high audio ranges, we included dual dynamic and balanced drivers in our all-new Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD. The larger dynamic driver is responsible for the lower audio ranges, whereas the smaller dynamic driver takes care of the higher audio ranges. When the dual dynamic drivers combine with the armature driver, sounds produced are resoundingly richer and fuller.

Graphene diaphragm, dual dynamic drivers

Voices and instruments have sounds that reside mostly in the mid and bass ranges. To deliver a superior sound in the mid and bass ranges, we have used a graphene dual-diaphragm to retain the rich details and to keep the low notes mellow.

Graphene is known to be the thinnest, strongest, and most eco-friendly material able to transmit sound fast. We used it to create the diaphragm so it is more ductile under high frequencies, producing sounds that are rich, sharp, and crystal clear. It is 100 times stronger than steel, conducts 100% of the electrical signals passed through them, accurately delivers sounds the way it was meant to be heard.

All-new design comes with dynamic drivers, produces superior sound quality and rich details with little distortion

The Mi In-Ear Headphone Pro HD uses a patented, hybrid dual dynamic and balanced armature drivers that delivers music of greater and finer details. With the help of a capacitive divider, there is higher convergence with the bass, resulting in lesser distortion to the music. So now tuning into music feels like listening to a good story that touches the soul.

There are more  interesting and impressive features these headphones have and you can find more on their website.

After reading this, I can’t wait hearing these headphones and “see” what they can do.

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Listening Impressions and Tests

The tests were performed with  Aune B1 & Chord Mojo, Master 9 + Analog Dac.

The Chieftains – Talk About Suffering

The voice was clean and quite extended. All the instruments were detailed, sparkly and present in the scene. The harp was tickling my ears and the drums showed some very good punch, control and details in the bass section.

Charles Aznavour – La boheme

The piano from the beginning was crisp and showed some very clear, sparkly notes. Charles’ voice was pleasant, textured, detailed but presented some sibilance.

The guitar is very detailed and a pleasure to listen to. It’s sparkly, clean and tactile. The drum is swift, punchy and shows a deep and controlled bass.

The guitars are sparkly, detailed and show fast transients. This song was a tactile and fun experience.




The bass is fast, has good control, detail and punch, but it lacks a little depth / weight. Overall at this price, I shouldn’t be complaining any way, as the bass is quite detailed and accurate.


The midrange is overall very detailed, but I feel like it should use a little more presence as it gave me the impression that the lower midrange is a pushed back a little, while the upper midrange and treble are more present in the scene.


The treble is quite detailed and sparkly, but it shows sibilance.

These headphones are fast, showing fast decay and strong attack in the transient department, leading to a tactile sound signature.

The soundstage is quite decent for closed in ear headphones, but I think it could use a little more width/depth.

Yes, this is a very impressive department for this headphones, as all the frequencies seem to have good details, from bass to treble.



I would say that overall the Xiaomi Mi Pro HD are quite impressive for the price. They have a fast/tactile sound signature that also presents a lot of details to the listeners.

However, they can get a little tiresome after a while because of the sharp treble they have.
If they didn’t have this issue on this treble, these headphones would have beaten lots of more expensive audiophile headphones.

  • Very good build quality
  • Comfortable and easy to find a good fit
  • Very fast, punchy & detailed bass
  • Good details on midrange/treble
  • Good transients with fast decay and good attack
  • Very good price


  • Would need a little more midrange presence
  • Sharp treble