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USB Convertors – Singxer SU-6 & Denafrips Gaia

Dealing with USB issues is something I’ve encountered before with some DACs. Fortunately, the updated USB input on the MSB Analog DAC was a standout, featuring galvanic isolation and delivering a clean, high-quality… Continue reading

Plixir Elite BAC 1500 – Power Conditioner Review

First, I am sorry for the long absence. I have not abandoned HeadMania and I thank all the readers who are still here with me. A few months ago, I have posted a… Continue reading

Audio GD Master 10 – Speaker Amplifier Review

First, I want to apologize for the long period of absence I have taken from HeadMania and to thank the readers who did not abandon it. I had a very busy period at… Continue reading

Xiaomi MI Pro HD In-Ear Headphones Review

General Presentation and Specs The packaging and unboxing is quite nice and gives you the impression that you bought a more expensive product. Even the eardbuds are made of metal (Zircon to be… Continue reading

Superlux HD-681 Review

I’ve heard a lot of good things about these headphones throughout the ears and they’ve managed to capture my attention, so here we are. Looks & Build Quality  For their price these headphones are… Continue reading

Trip to Vatopedi Monastery in Athos Mountain

This is not a review. I just want to tell you the story of a very dear memory of mine. Bare with me, as it has a connection to sound, even if it may… Continue reading

Let’s help a friend in need

This post is not a review and it has the purpose of helping a company that I hold dear very much. I am talking about Audeze. I will take advantage of this opportunity to thank… Continue reading